159: Change Your Story, Change Your Life with Tiffany Stauffer

Tiffany Stauffer is a 5x World and Reserve World Champion equestrian in a variety of disciplines within different organizations. Tiffany realized at a very young age there was something special about horses and has always been drawn to their grounded yet self-reflecting presence. Through her highly competitive nature, and a supportive mother that enabled her to pursue her childhood passion, her desire to learn as much as possible about horses flourished and the lifelong love affair began. 

Tiffany quickly realized that her driving force and motivation weren’t about winning, it was about the communication and relationship building with these magnificent animals as well as learning the lessons that horses can teach us. This lifestyle with horses not only taught Tiffany a lot about communicating with horses but a lot about navigating life. After spending several years headed down a traditional path with an engineering degree and corporate job, Tiffany is now a full-time horse trainer and clinician who loves helping horses become confident in themselves and in their humans as well as helping other horse owners to enhance the relationship between them and their horse. 

Tiffany firmly believes that anything in life isn’t about the destination, but the journey it took to get there and is grateful for every step along the way. Tiffany and Siri talk about how rejection can sometimes fuel you to become something bigger. 

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