156: Live The Best Story of Your Life with Bob Litwin

The Focus Coach. Bob Litwin has spent over 4 decades coaching thousands of top athletes, coaches, Wall Street Hedge Funds, traders, and analysts to raise individual performance to extraordinary levels.
A World Tennis Champion, Litwin is a #1 world-ranked senior player, 18-time US National Champion, and an inductee into the Tennis Eastern Hall of Fame. 

Bob is the author of "Live the Best Story of Your Life: A World Champions Guide to Lasting Change" offering advice on how to change our stories to support us in living the lives we dream of. 

Bob is an extraordinary Human Being. We had an amazing conversation on what it takes to change the stories we live by. How to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves in a way that will inspire us, and lead us to the success and fulfilment we desire in our lives. We talk about mindset tools and strategies that will help you take your performance to all new levels. We talk about how to manage your negative thoughts and train yourself to more effective thinking. 

Do not miss out on this tremendous episode that will take your athletic performance, corporate performance, and life performance to all new heights!!

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