155: Finding Your Superpower with Eric Kapitulik

Today's guest is Eric Kapitulik, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of THE PROGRAM. The Program is a team building and leadership development company that works annually with over 150 Professional Sports Teams and Collegiate Teams and corporations of all sizes. The Program leadership is made up of elite former US military special operators

Eric is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.
He was an infantry officer and Special Ops Officer for the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company and 1st Marine Division. Eric, the brother of Siri's best friend from college, Monique, was Siri's senior prom date at Brown University. 

He is an extraordinary human being. His strength, kindness, courage, bravery, generosity, and love will inspire you in every way. Eric is an incredible father, son, brother, friend, and leader. 

Today they talk about overcoming tragedy. The importance of hope. The importance of always having a plan and preparing for anything and everything that could happen. They talk about what success means to him...being BETTER!!

They talk about being AWESOME! awe-inspired. If you are alive, and your loved ones are alive and healthy how could you not be awesome regardless of what's going on? 

They talk about great leadership and the importance of your team! How to bring out the best in your team and all those around you!!

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